a word of explanation

"You will emerge like a lighthouse, fitful, sudden, remote (Now that is rather like you)"
-Virgina Woolf in a letter to Vita Sackville-West

I'm Concha, Sunny is an old nickname. i'm 21, gay and i wear lolita.
i discovered j-fashion in 2012, through kawaii tumblr. if i had the money and commitment then i definetly would have been into ott sweet. rosenocturnila re-introduced me to lolita. i found her lolita videos through her goth videos. anyways, i started wearing lolita earier this year (2020). i think its funny... i went from dreaming about sweet, to have my love reignited by gothic, and now i'm living out my old shcool classic (for now) truth.
outside of lolita, i sew, write (though mostly fanfiction), draw and recently, i've been learing basic coding (as you can see). other things i love are star trek, various 90s anime, fallout: new vegas, gothic literature and scifi books.